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LightPRO LPSRL-6078S


116 RGB 1/2 Watt LED Par64

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30 percent brighter than a standard 1/4 watt LED can, with less than 60 watts of power, and no heat! The LitePro SRL-6078S LEDSP64ST is an RGB LED Par 64 Can capable of creating any color mix. The fixture contains sound activated mode for an instant light show, and the units can be slaved together if desired (they can also be controller by standard 5 channel DMX). It contains 50 10mm 1/2W red LEDs, 39 10mm 1/2W green LEDs, and 27 10mm 1/2W Blue LEDs.

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MPN: SRL-6078S-2

- Internal Power Supply

Channel 1: Red intensity
Channel 2: Green intensity
Channel 3: Blue intensity
Channel 4: Dimmer
Channel 5: Strobe speed

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