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Studio Projects CS1

LD Cardioid Bottle Condensor Microphone

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Studio Projects

The Studio Projects CS1 Condenser Microphone will serve to enhance any professional or project studio. The CS1 is an externally polarized cardioid pressure gradient transducer microphones with FET impedance converter. The capsule is a 1.06 inch capsule, with a diaphragm thickness of 6 microns. It features four selectable pads, four high pass filters, and four low pass filters for added control in various recording applications and a clear, full response expected from a large capsule microphone design.

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- Pressure-Gradient Transducer: 1.06 inch, 6 micron mylar diaphragm

- FET impedance converter

- -5dB, -10dB, -15dB, and -20dB Pads

- 50hZ, 75hZ, 150Hz, and 300hZ High Pass Filters at 6dB per octave

- 15kHz, 7kHz, 5kHz, and 3kHz, Low Pass Filters at 6dB per octave


- Close miking of instruments with high sound pressure levels

- Announcer's mic for broadcasting or dubbing

- Home recording and project studios

- Vocalist recording

- Spot mic for: wind instruments, strings, percussion and guitar amps

- XY - Coincident Cardioids

- Mid-Side Method

- Stereosonic Technique (Blumlein)

- Overheads

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