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Vox V112TV

1 1 x 12' extension cabinet, w/Custom Celestion VX10 speaker

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The Vox V112TV is styled to match the AC4TVH - the 4-watt, Class A Tube amplifier head, based on Vox's popular AC4 from the 1960s. This 1x12' extension cabinet sports a custom-made 12' Celestion VX12 speaker, providing a superb avenue for the AC4TVH's all-tube tone. Just like the AC4TVH, the Vox V112TV features the 1958 AC15-style 'TV' front design, as well as the signature Vox diamond grillecloth. Retro, chic, and totally stylish, for manageable tube tones at record- and practice-worthy levels, pair up the AC4TVH with the Vox V112TV.

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- The Vox V112TV extension cabinet sports a 12' custom-made Celestion VX12 speaker.

- Perfect match for the vintage-styled AC4TVH

- 1x12' custom-made Celestion VX12 speaker

- Vintage Vox styling, with "TV" design

- 12' 16-ohm Celestion VX12 Custom Speaker

- Designed to go with the Vox AC4TVH amplfier head

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