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Vox AC30CC2 Custom Classic

30 Watt 2x12' combo with two custom designed GSH12-30 speakers

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The new Vox AC30 Custom Classic is the culmination of over 45 years of high quality guitar amplifier design and fabrication. Vox has taken the best AC30 designs and added a number of useful, very cool features to create the AC30CC2, the most tonally flexible and affordable AC30 to date! This Vox is equipped with a pair of custom-designed GSH12-30 speakers.

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- Classic tone from two custom-designed Vox GSH12-30 speakers

- Two inputs - Top Boost and Normal

- Input Link Switch for blending channels

- Front Panel Controls: Volume, Brilliance Switch, Top Boost Volume, Treble, EQ Standard/Custom Switch, Bass

- Reverb Controls: Tone, Mix, Dwell Switch

- Tremolo Speed and Depth

- Tone Cut

- Master Volume

- Standby Switch

- Rear panel controls: Loudspeaker output jack x 2 (Extension & External)

- Output Impedance Select (8 or 16 Ohm)

- Output Bias (82 'Warm' or 50 'Hot')

- Smoothing (22uF 'Vintage' or 44uF 'Modern')

- FX Loop (Send, Return and Bypass Switch)

- Footswitch Jack (Tremolo and Reverb)

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