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TC Helicon VSM-200P

120W VoiceSolo PASSIVE Personal Monitor

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TC Helicon

In situations where multiple monitors are needed and external amplifier channels are available.

Intelligible & Natural Sound
By employing an ICT point source driver and an efficiently designed cast aluminum case VoiceSolo VSM-200p delivers an intelligible, yet natural vocal sound. Match VSM-200p your quality choice of amplifier and it can a solid replacement almost any monitoring system. The vocal reproduction doesn't compromise VSM-200p's reproduction of any other source you want to monitor.

Flexible Connections & Complete Control
For simple setup, VSM-200p parallel combo SpeakOn / 1/4 in. speaker connectors. This allows easy setup with any amplifier. In addition, the parallel connector allows multiple units to be chained together off one amplifier channel. A front panel volume control allows independent control of any VSM-200p you have setup -- without affecting the next monitor in the chain!

Portable & Versatile
Your monitoring needs can vary by venue, the size of your group and the level of your performance or practice. VSM-300 can be use in numerous mounting positions including the highly practical method of integrating VoiceSolo into your boom mic-stand, saving stage space. However, conventional options can also be used like the floor wedge position, on a stand without a boom, or stand mounted for side fill or small PA.

Can you hear yourself?
How well you sing correlates to how well you can hear your voice. A bad monitor mix, or even worse, no monitor mix, means a bad night. The VoiceSolo range of personal near-field monitors from TC-Helicon give your monitor mix an open-air, studio quality sound in a single mic-stand mounted enclosure that you can control.

A Voice Monitoring Solution
The range of VoiceSolo personal vocal monitors all employ a custom designed ICTTM true point source driver to reproduce the human voice in the most intelligible and natural way. The rugged cast aluminum enclosure offers multiple mounting options using intelligently designed adapters that make setup with standard microphone stands a simple and quick task.

VoiceSolo Technologies
Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure (VSM-300 / 200 / 200p)
The complete range of VoiceSolo Personal Vocal Monitors share a no compromise cast aluminum enclosure. The choice of material, finish and form make the VoiceSolo monitors rugged, road-worthy and portable. Additionally, cast aluminum enclosures don't suffer from cabinet resonances that plague compact plastic-cased speakers.

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UPC: 5706622008060

  • Cast aluminum enclosure with simple setup with most mic stands
  • Point source driver with indestructible high frequency transducer
  • Parallel Neutrik Combo SpeakOn / 1/4 connectors
  • 120 Watt Program / 240 Watt Peak power handling
  • Front-panel volume control
  • 116dB peak SPL at 0.5m
  • Integrated tuned port doubles as carrying handle
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 9 in. x 7 in. x 9.75 in. (230 cm x 180 cm x 250 cm)

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