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Galaxy AS-ALS-4

Band Pack Monitor System

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The Galaxy AS-ALS-4 Any Spot Band Pack Wireless System includes a Galaxy AS-1000T , 4 x AS-1000R, 4 x AS-EB2 ear buds, and an AS-DCC DC charger. Wireless personal monitors are effective at eliminating stage noise, protecting users ears from damage, allowing the user to move around a stage or audience and continue to hear, and eliminate feedback. The ANY SPOT system is a great alternative for performers who are tired of lugging around heavy and bulky floor monitors and tired of leaving a gig with ringing ears. The ANY SPOT wireless system allows the user to move freely around the stage or audience and continue to hear the monitor mix. The Galaxy ANY SPOT is also a great assistive listening system. The AS-1000T will transmit to numerous receivers. Simply patch the program signal to the transmitter and give each band member a receiver so all can hear clearly. The ANY SPOT is cost competitive and feature packed and is a great buy for any band. Comes with a one year warranty.

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MPN: as-als-4

Includes 1 AS-1000T Transmitter, 4 AS-1000R, 4 ear buds and AS-DCC

AS-1000T Any Spot Wireless Transmitter

- Frequency range: UHF 682 ~ 698MHz

- RF power output: 10mW or 100mW

- Frequency stability: ±0.005%

- Maximum deviation: ±48KHz with limiting compressor

- Spurious emission: >60dB below carrier frequency

- T.H.D.: <1% (at 1KHz)

- Power supply: DC12 ~18V

- Tone key: 32.768 KHz

- Current consumption: 140mA ±10mA(100mW)

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.31" x 1.73" x 7.1" (211 x 44 x 180mm)

AS-1000R Any Spot Wireless Receiver

- Frequency Range: UHF 682-698MHz. 64 CH

- Case: Body-pack in-ear personal monitor

- Oscillator: PLL synthesized

- Receiving Mode: Single channel. Diversity

- Frequency Stability: ±0.005%

- Receiving Sensitivity: At 5 dBuV over 80dB S/N ratio

- Image & Spurious Rej.: 80dB minimum

- Selectivity: > 50dB

- Modulation Mode: FM

- IF Frequency: 1st: 56MHz 2nd: 10.7MHz

- Dynamic Range: >96dB

- S/N Ratio: >94dB, at 15KHz deviation and 60dBuV antenna input

- AF Response:

- Headphone: 100Hz to 10KHz (±3dB)

- Line: 40Hz to 15KHz (±3dB)

- Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%(at 1KHz)

- Power Supply: DC 3V ( 2 x 1.5V AA batteries or rechargeable batteries

- Audio Output:

- Headphone stereo output: 20mW

- Line stereo output level: -10dB

- Current Consumption: 130mA ± 10mA

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 3 in x 4.2 in x 1.2 in (76 x 106 x 29mm)

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