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Eden WTB1000

Bass Amp Head - 1000 Watt 8oh

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Your requests have been answered with the addition of the all-new and more ominous WTB1000 bass head. Combining elements of several different Eden preamps, the new WTB1000 includes the footswitchable Tube control of the Navigator, our famed Enhance control, a semi-parametric EQ, as well as the Dynamic Boost function of the WT405. This is the first Eden amp to include a footswitchable graphic giving you the best of both worlds. Combine these features with the Stereo or Bridged mono power section of the WT800 and you have a high-powered amplifier to cover any style or and tone.

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- 440W per side into four ohms

- 880W bridged into eight ohms

- 3dB of headroom

- -12dB input pad

- Switchable automatic compression

- Five-way semi-parametric tone control

- Mono pre- and stereo-post tone control effects loops

- Stereo aux inputs, a DI out with ground lift

- Headphone out

- Tuner out

- Thermostatically controlled fan

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