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Nord NR2X

Lead 2 Virtual Analog Synthesizer Module

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Nord Lead 2 & Nord Rack 2 The 2nd classic! In 1995 Clavia launched the original Nord Lead Virtual Analog synthesizer. It immediately became a ground breaking success and set industry standard. Two years later the Nord Lead was followed by Nord Lead 2 which took the virtual analog concept even further, adding a number of improvements and new features. The virtual analog concept combines classic ideas with today's technology. Instead of analog components we use digital signal processors (DSPs) that we program to emulate analog synthesis. The programming is made very carefully to reproduce the warmth and richness of the traditional analog sound. But the virtual analog technique opens up for much more possibilities than 'just' analog sound. You can create crisp or really nasty 'analog-digital' sounds that widely exceeds the limits of competing products. Awesome leads, booming basses, frantic techno - at your fingertips.

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- The Nord Lead 2 offers 4 parts multitimbrality. You have access to them at all times - in real time. Imagine the advantages in a MlDI setup. With the Nord, it's a breeze to edit your sounds.
- The pitch stick. Put your finger in the 'groove' and move it! You have complete control of the Pitch, just as a violin or a guitar player.
- The Nord Lead 2 is light and portable. With a weight of only 6.7 kg (14.7 Ibs) it's easy to carry to the gig.
- The difference between Nord Lead 2/Rack 2 and Nord Lead 1/Rack1
- Polyphony 16 voices. Nord Lead 1/Rack 1 has 4 voices (expandable to 12)
- Oscillator A Sine wave is added to the already powerful Oscillator section. From all of the classic features of the analog concept Nord Lead 2 now adds an old favorite editing parameter: Ring Modulation as well as a wealth of new digital waveform possibilities created by using the 'synchable noise' feature. In the Nord Lead 2 you are able to sync Noise and Oscillator 1 to create sounds unlike any you've heard before.
- Filter section The filter section in Nord Lead has been appreciated for its warm sound character and "unique" filter types. An exciting new addition to the filter section is the Distortion button. Try it! It will do fun things with your filters, adding even more excitement to your patches.
- Filter Keyboard Tracking selection has been added to the Nord Lead 2. Now you can choose between 1/3, 2/3 Full or Off.
- LFO1 In the modulation area several new features have been added. The LFO 1 section has two more waveform choices and one more destination.
- LFO2 The Arpeggiator has been redesigned and offers a Hold function.
- Mod Env Pulse Width has been added to the destinations in the Modulation Envelope section.
- Audio Out 4 outputs. Each slot have its own output. Modes: Stereo, mono and multitimbral mode.
- Pedal input Finally, to expand the Nord Lead 2's live performance abilities, a second pedal input has been added. One pedal is available for Sustain and the other for Expression.

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