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Hughes Kettner Tube Rotosphere

The Analog Leslie Simulator

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Hughes Kettner

Tube Rotosphere® MK II has all the inspirational power of the legendary Leslie® cabinets. It not only puts the response of a tube-powered Leslie at players’ toe-tips, it also boasts two rotation speeds and legitsounding deceleration & acceleration effects. Rotosphere’s spectrum ranges from clean to sizzling rock scream. In stereo mode, it serves up all the tonal complexity and dynamics of the real deal, a bona fide Leslie. In fact Tube Rotosphere MK II feels so real, that some of world’s most celebrated players won’t leave home without it!

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- Preamp- 1x 12AX7
- Effects- Rotary, Drive
- Switching Functions- Bypass, Breaker, Slow-Fast, Mode (guitar/keys)
- Special Features- Drive, Output, Rotor Balance 2 Trimmers for Fast Speed setting
- Bypass- Real Bypass
- Dimensions- 226 x 215 x 80 mm
- Weight- 2 kg/4,4 lbs

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