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Hughes Kettner Tube Factor

Classic tube booster/overdrive Pedal

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Hughes Kettner

This is the go-to pedal for superior dynamic control, glossy overtones and all-tube overdrive. Phenomenally easy to tweak, Tube Factor juices up your every sound. It grants you greater tonal control over every note you play, adds lots of presence and punch, and can even spare you costly amp modifications. We have added a unique Voicing knob. This hip feature lets you shape tonal characteristics to dial in the trademark sound of your favorite amp. Simply plug Tube Factor into your amp’s front end and enjoy instant tonal bliss!

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- Channels- Boost, UltraDrive
- Preamp- 1x 12AX7
- Switching Functions- Factor 1 & 2
- Special Features- Voicing knob
- Bypass- Real Bypass
- Dimensions- 157 x 215 x 80 mm
- Weight- 1,6 kg/3.5 lbs

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