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Electro Voice N/D267as w/ Switch

N/DYM Dynamic Cardioid with On Off Switch

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Electro Voice

The acoustic response of the N/D267a and 267as presents optimal performance in a live sound environment. The new 'vocally optimized bass' or VOB™ technology provides the performer with reduced resonant distortion at low frequencies. Critical damping of the low frequency resonant peak has resulted in a microphone that replaces the 'muddiness' found in competitive models with greater warmth and increased vocal clarity. The increased clarity permits greater working distances than other competitive microphones, and ensures a clean, clear, consistent sound that 'cuts through the mix.'

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MPN: N/D-267a/as
UPC: 701001026708

- VOB technology provides tailored bass
response for controlled "proximity effect" and
exceptional vocal clarity
- Cardioid pattern for superior feedback rejection
and acoustic isolation
- Consistant sound over greater working
distances than competitive models
- Neodymium based magnet structure provides
greater sensitivity and signal-to-noise
- Warm GripTM handle for more comfortable feel
- On/Off switch on N/D267as

- Element: Dynamic N/DYM® magnet structure
- Freq. Response, Close: 45 Hz - 15,000 Hz
- Freq. Response, Far: 100 Hz - 15,000 Hz
- Polar Pattern: Cardioid
- Sensitivity, Open Circuit
- Voltage @ 1 kHz:
- 2.9 mV/pascal
- Polarity: Pin 2 positive, ref. pin 3 with positive
- pressure on diaphragm
- Impedance: 600 ohms balanced (low-z)
- Microphone Connector: 3-pin, XLR-type
- Finish: Non-reflecting black
- Materials: Memraflex™ grille screen
- Warm Grip™ handle
- Accessories Included: Stand Adapter (Black)
- Soft Zippered 'Gig' Bag

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