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Marshall MG15FXMS Micro Stack

Micro Stack 15 Watt, 4-Channel Guitar Amplifier

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The stack is back and it's still a Marshall! Taking the fantastic tone and features of the MG15FX combo amplifier and delivering it in an awesome compact stack format! The MG15HFX is the ultimate package for all those who have always wanted to rock out in their living room or bedroom but didn't have the space. The MG15HFX delivers not only the best possible sound set but delivers it through the most flexible interface possible putting guitarists back in control of their sound.

The MG15FXMS is a 4 channel amplifier. The first channel (Clean), is the bright sound you would expect, great for softer chord playing and picking. The second channel (Crunch) starts to sound like classic Marshall, great for some serious blues riffs or harder, edgier rhythms. When it comes to overdrive sounds, you're spoilt for choice; OD1 is a more traditional higher gain Marshall sound, think big sustained chords, or choppy leads. OD2 however, takes us into a much more modern gain stage, ideal for heavy, loud and brash players, or seasoned lead guitarists who want bags of sustain. The brand new on board digital effects section has been designed specifically for the amplifier, meaning that every effect has impact and definition, providing even more flexibility to your sound.

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MPN: mg15fxms
UPC: 5030463218853

- 15 Watt
- Speaker Type: 1 x 10in (2 Off)
- Channels: 4
- Digital FX
- Digital Reverb
- Internal FDD
- MP3 / Line In
- Headphones
- Dimensions (mm): 385 x 960 x 240
- Weight (kg): 18.7

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