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Zildjian ZXTP4P9 ZXT Pro Sheet Cymbal Box Set

Pro Cymbal Pack with FREE 18-Inch Crash

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This Zildjian ZXT Pro Bonus Box Cymbal Pack includes a 16" medium-thin crash, 20" medium ride, 14" solid hi-hats, and a free 18" medium-thin crash.

The ZXT hats have a bright attack, full sound and consist of a medium top with heavy bottom. The ZXT 20" ride is a general-purpose ride cymbal with good stick definition and great, high-pitched bell. The 16" ZXT medium thin crash is a bright, full-bodied crash with excellent projection—a sharp, high-pitched attack with fast decay. The free 18" medium-thin crash is a bright, full-bodied Zildjian crash with excellent projection qualities. It has a sharp, high-pitched attack with fast decay.

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UPC: 642388303450

  • 14-Inch ZXT HiHat
  • 16-inch ZXT Crash
  • 20-inch ZXT Ride
  • FREE 18-inch ZXT Crash

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