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Tama HT750C

Ergo Rider Hydraulix Drum Throne

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Tama HT750C Ergo Rider Hydraulix Drum Throne; Comfortable hydraulic support for long hours of rocking your kit! Built to give lasting ergonomic comfort and support, Tama's Ergo Rider seat is an innovative hybrid between the versatility of a classic round seat and the more comfortable positioning of a more modern saddle seat. The Tama Ergo Rider gives its user the availability of more open movement with a front cutaway that allows better control for all drummers even those playing complex double bass patterns.

1st Chair Hydraulix thrones allow effortless height adjustment simply by activating a lever. And because Hydraulix features a seat that can be removed from the base, this innovative throne offers the most easy-to-store and transport design in the market.

Ergo-Rider Seat
The Ergo-Rider seat provides ergonomic comfort and support. A hybrid of round seat and saddle seat, the Ergo-Rider combines the versatility of the former and playability of the latter. A front cutaway allows completely unimpeded thigh movement, even during the most rapid double bass patterns. In addition, two gentle seat indentations and an added 20mm upper insert of soft foam encourage the right posture while providing total playing comfort.

Foot Life
It's tough to imagine just how much weight and stress is on the rubber feet of your stand-until you see how often you have to keep replacing them. Not so with Foot Life. An innovative plastic leg attachment, Foot Life eliminates the wear and tear of metal to metal contact for longer foot life.

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MPN: ht750C

- Effortless hydraulic height adjustment
- Free rotation with comfortable floating feeling
- Easy-to-store design
- Double braced legs
- Ergo Rider also features two comfortable seat indentations, a 20mm soft foam upper insert and a height adjustment from 20 to 27 1/4 inches (508 to 692 mm).

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