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TsoundPRO duet Breakout

Upgrade for Apogee's Duet 1 Portable Interface

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The Duet Breakout Box is an hard wired box that provides connectivity to peripherals from Apogee Duet audio interface. The Duet Breakout Box has separte TS and XLR inputs on top and either TS or RCA outputs on the back. On the front, the Duet Breakout Box has a multipin connector necessary to interface with the Apogee Duet. Simply put the Duet Breakout Box is your gateway to reliability and connectivity.

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- Professional quality I/O for Apogee Duet
- Six independent potential free switching outputs
- Metal enclosure designed for durability
- Easy Connection to Apogee Duet and peripherals
- Available in balanced and unbalanced form
- Reduces ground buzz caused by notebook power supply
- Allows user to direct and group outputs any way they see fit
- Commercial studio application
- Heavy duty use for touring
- Multi-purpose, connects microphones, speakers and instruments

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