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WMD Devices Arcane Preamp

Fuzz Boost Effect Pedal

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WMD Devices

The WMD Arcane Preamp is another exceptionally crafted stompbox from our friends at William Mathewson Devices. The Arcane Preamp is a dual channel pedal with a very sweet boost, and a gnarly fuzz channel. This is the perfect pedal for a guitarist who needs some grit and dirt in their single coil tones, but also needs some nasty fuzz overdrive when the situation calls for it. This pedal can do both, and it does both effectively. The low gain boost really grits up your tone like a good low gain tube amp should. You can keep it on all night long to really beef up your clean tones, or just punch it when you need something extra. The right side of the pedal is the Fuzz Channel, and has some serious amounts of gain and an amp styled EQ for complete control over the contours of the fuzz. The Boost Channel drives the Fuzz Channel, and dynamically interacts its overdrive. The gain knob of the boost channel affects the gain of the Fuzz Channel, so work those knobs for some truly creative tones and overdrive nastiness. There is plenty of gain on tap with the Fuzz Channel, so dial in just enough for some sustain and dirt, or tap into over the top madness of the Arcane Preamp's fuzz. This is a truly versatile and dynamic sounding pedal, and is excellent for guitarists needing several overdrive and boost options. True bypass, of course, and powered by a 9v dc.

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UPC: 008474930106

  • True Bypass
  • 9 volt dc power supply or 9 v battery
  • Right Stomp- selects the channel, indicator for channel select is under fuzz channel tone controls.
  • Boost Channel: Gain and Level. Level controls the output of the boost channel, setting ratios of the gain and level will allow more gain and overdrive without too much level
  • Fuzz Gain- When the fuzz channel is engaged, it follows the boost channel. This knob takes the output of the boost and adjusts the level going into the fuzz. This channel has a boatload of gain. Low to medium levels provide touch sensitive distortion, crank it much past half and it starts to crunch. The fuzz channel can provide killer sounding feedback.
  • Fuzz Level- Since the tone stack is all passive, the stack feeds a final amplifier which puts out a ton of level. Use this to level your fuzz tone with the boost tone or to drive your amp's input stage to hell and back.

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