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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

Pro Electronic Drum Kit

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The DM10 Studio Kit is a professional, six-piece electronic drum set with natural-feeling RealHead drum pads, low-noise DMPad Cymbals, the groundbreaking DM10 drum module, and a compact, flexible StealthRack. It has a 10" RealHead snare, four 8" RealHead toms, a RealHead kick that's compatible with single and double pedals, a DMPad 12" Hi-Hat, DMPad 12" Crash, DMPad 12" Cymbal, and a DMPad 14" triple-zone Ride. With over 1,000 uncompressed multi-sampled sounds and the ability to load new sound sets via USB, the DM10 is the only module drummers need for breathtaking, natural sound.

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UPC: 0694318013199

  • DM10 high-definition drum module with 12 trigger inputs and mixer
  • RealHead 10" snare and four 8" toms – dual-zone drum pads with real mylar heads
  • DMPad Cymbals: hi-hat, two crashes, and triple-zone ride
  • Compact, black aluminum StealthRack
  • Premium sound library of uncompressed samples from real drums and cymbals
  • Dynamic Articulation™ changes sounds' timbre along with dynamics for realism
  • Sound-set loading and use with software drum modules, both via USB
  • Play along and record yourself with the sequencer
  • Mix input for practicing with iPod, CD, and MP3 players

  • (1) DM10 drum module
  • (4) RealHead 8" Dual-Zone Drum Pads
  • (1) RealHead 10" Dual-Zone Drum Pad
  • (1) RealHead Kick Pad
  • (1) DMPad 12" Hi-Hat
  • (1) DMPad 12" Crash
  • (1) DMPad 12" Cymbal
  • (1) DMPad 14" Ride
  • (1) RealHat Pedal continuously variable hi-hat control pedal
  • (1) StealthRack mounting system with mounting clamps
  • and arms
  • (1) Module Mount
  • (1) Cable snake
  • Setup guide

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