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Antares Auto-Tune Evo TDM

Pitch Correction/Pitch Shift Plug-in

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Antares' Auto-Tune rewrote the recording book when it was introduced in 1997. Now, with Auto-Tune Evo, Antares unleashes the most substantial advancement in power and ease of use since the original's original introduction. With enhanced pitch detection, a redesigned user interface, and note-based pitch shift and correction, Auto-Tune Evo provides precise pitch control that's incredibly easy to use. Add in enhanced workflow features such as a resizable Graphical Mode window, customizable key bindings, and more, and you'll agree: Auto-Tune Evo is a truly evolved audio tool!

Dramatically enhanced core pitch detection algorithm
While Auto Tune's patented pitch detection has always provided unmatched speed and accuracy, for Auto-Tune Evo, Dr. Andy has gone back to the proverbial drawing board to create a seriously evolved pitch detection and correction technology that takes advantage of the hugely more powerful computers that are now the norm for digital audio recording. The result is pitch detection and correction that is substantially more accurate and reliable over a much wider range of audio input quality.

Redesigned user interface
Continuing the process begun with Auto-Tune 5, the refined Auto-Tune user interface allows for smoother, more intuitive workflow. Auto-Tune Evo's new Key Binding system lets you assigned virtually any Graphical Mode function to each of the QWERTY number keys. So no matter what your personal editing workflow, you an ensure that your most-used functions are always only a key press away.

Real-time Pitch shifting in Automatic Mode
Auto-Tune Evo's new Transpose control provides extremely high-quality real-time pitch shifting over a four-octave range (+/- 2 octaves in semi-tone increments).

New note-based pitch correction and pitch shifting
When using Note Objects, Auto-Tune Evo analyzes the tracked audio and creates graphic representations of the target notes (which can be fine-tuned with the Number of Note Objects control). These objects can then easily be edited, shifted in pitch, and individually pitch corrected or retuned.

Object-based Retune Speed settings
Since each correction object can have its own Retune Speed setting, you will no longer need to automate Retune Speed to get the optimum rate for each note of a performance. Plus, recognizing that you will likely use different pitch correction objects for different tasks (e.g., traditional pitch correction, pitch shifting, T-Pain-style effects, etc.), you can streamline your workflow by setting your own custom default Retune Speed settings for each type of object (i.e., Curves, Lines, and Notes).

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  • Dramatically enhanced core pitch detection algorithm
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Real-time pitch shifting in Automatic Mode
  • Formant correction and throat modeling
  • Note-based pitch correction and pitch shifting in Graphical Mode

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