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Digitech JamMan Delay

Stereo Phrase Sampler/Looper/Delay Pedal

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Loopers enable players to stack tracks on top of tracks, letting them sound much bigger onstage than they really are. They all work on the same basic principle: you record a loop and then play it back. But DigiTech's JamMan Delay looper takes it to the extreme, putting more than 35 minutes of CD-quality stereo loops (16 hours with an optional 16GB or higher SDHC card) at your disposal.

On top of its astronomical looping capabilities, the JamMan Delay looper is an extremely flexible delay pedal. There are three fully programmable delays onboard, and you can delay incoming signal by up to as much as 16 seconds. As with any great digital delay, you have access to a multitude of delay types, including digital, analog, reverse, and modulated. How's that for variety? And as if that weren't enough, an expression pedal input lets you morph between two delay settings or adjust the volume of the loop that's currently playing back. Plug the JamMan Delay looper into any USB equipped computer and manage your loops on your computer.

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  • Powerful stereo looper and stereo delay together in a single pedal design
  • Store over 35 minutes of CD-quality stereo loops in 99 internal memories
  • Optional 16GB SDHC card can store over 16 hours of CD-quality audio in 99 additional memories (198 memories total)
  • Downloadable JamManager librarian for PC/Mac archives and organizes your loops over USB
  • Reverse loop playback
  • 3 Loop Stop modes (Stop, Finish, and Fade)
  • Time stretching lets you slow down or speed up loops without changing pitch
  • 16 seconds of true stereo delay
  • 3 fully programmable delay presets
  • 8 unique delay types, including digital, tape, analog, reverse, and modulated delay
  • Expression pedal input for morphing between 2 delay settings or controlling loop playback level
  • Dry-path defeat for parallel effects loops
  • 8 heavy-duty metal footswitches for looping and delay control
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Power supply included
  • Optional footswitch adds additional hands-free functionality

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