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Personal Mixer with Network & Multi-Track Recorder

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Instead of trying to remember who is on what channel on a confusing mixing board, myMix allows you to name your unit as well as each input. Mixing is simply a matter finding the name and instrument you would like adjust, selecting the channel, and making changes to volume, tone, pan and effect send level. In addition, each channel can be muted or solo'd independently and a master Mute button is available to silence all channels at once. So if you want that guitar loud, make it loud. If you want to hear your singer in a huge Hall reverb, dial one up. If you want to mute the backing vocals, go for it. Every change you make is strictly for you and doesn't affect anyone else on the network.
Additional master EQ
myMix has an additional four band parametric master EQ for tailoring the output to headphones, in-ear monitors or stage monitors. Add another myMix to your system and use it to mix the show through your main PA system.

Every change you make to your mix is constantly updated in the currently selected profile. If you play in multiple bands, set up a different profile for each gig. If the power goes out you can rest assured that your myMix will boot up with the last configuration.

myMix is the ultimate device for capturing ideas at rehearsal, archiving the gig at the local club, or even tracking your next album. Up to 18 tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio files can be recorded to optional micro SD, standard SD or SDHC cards. The moment you hit the REC button a new session folder is created and each signal is recorded directly from the preamp to an individual track without processing. An additional stereo track of your processed mix is also recorded to provide a quick reference.
By pressing the REC button again the session is ended and you are able to either rename the session or simply keep the default name and continue on.

Simply transfer the files from the SD card into your favorite recording software for overdubs, mixing and mastering. Upload the finished product to your web page or social networking sites and keep your fans up to date with your latest stuff.

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MPN: mymix
UPC: 837654804483

  • Personal Mixer with Network Support for up to 8 myMixes
  • Multitrack recorder can capture up to 8 independent stereo mixes
  • Slot for recording to SD media — microSD, SD, and SDHC cards
  • Musician-friendly design lets you name each channel
  • Save user profiles for instant, easy recall
  • Can control level, pan, and effects for each channel
  • Records up to 18 tracks of 24-bit, 48kHz time-stamped WAV files
  • Features two mic/line inputs (dual mono or stereo operation)
  • Features two 1/4" outputs for feeding an in-ear system, stage wedge, or PA
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • 4-band Master EQ for fine-tuning overall sound
  • Networks to up to 8 myMix units via Ethernet
  • Can be powered over Ethernet or via included power supply
  • Includes a microphone stand adapter for easy mounting

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