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Tech21 Leeds - Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

SansAmp Character Series Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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ou may not know it, but quite a bit of the definitively raw and gritty sound of '70s-era punk and classic British pop and rock came straight out of Leeds in the UK. It's a tone that glistens with glassy shine, screams "Oi!," and rages like a drunk football hooligan. Now you can get that same sonic character in an ultra-convenient format, with the SansAmp Character Series Leeds pedal from Tech 21. Pull back the drive and enjoy the bell-like crispness, or punch it into high gear for the signature snarl of a Fane-style speaker cab pushed to its limits.

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MPN: 916116
UPC: 837088001816

  • The definitive tone of '70s-era UK punk, rock, and pop bands
  • Super-aggressive Fane-style speaker emulation
  • Level and Drive controls act like those on a traditional, well-equipped amp
  • Active Low, Mid, and High EQ controls let you dial in your sound
  • Continuously variable Character knob moves seamlessly among different voicings

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