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T Rex Octavius

Octave Guitar Pedal

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T Rex

The T-Rex Octavius is a tri-tone generator with a perfect set of controls and a brilliant BOOST function. Octavius gives you everything you could want in octave generation—plus incredible T-Rex tone.

Octavius lets you get that classic octave-down effect you'll recognise from Hendrix' "Machine Gun" and other recordings. But it also lets you add in a high octave so you can hit your audiences with a sonic wall of 3-octave lead lines. You can mix the octaves however you want to create your own signature sound. And the pedal features a controllable boost button to help you lift your solos up above the mix. An octave divider or any other pedal is only as good as it sounds, and you can count on Octavius to deliver all the warm, vintage-sounding tone you'd expect from T-Rex.

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  • Octavius tri-tone generator has 4 controls: LO OCT, HIGH OCT, MASTER MIX and BOOST.
  • The LO OCT knob lets you set the volume of the lower octave signal produced by the pedal.
  • The HIGH OCT knob controls the volume of the higher octave signal produced by the pedal.
  • The balance between the levels of these 2 knobs is what creates your particular octave-divided sound.
  • The MASTER MIX knob lets you set the overall volume of your low and high octaves compared to your direct signal.
  • Use the BOOST knob to control the output of your octave-divided sound. The boost function lets you dial in a solo level, whether the overdrive circuit is activated or not.
  • T-Rex Octavius Octave Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • Low and High octave circuits
  • Master mix and Boost controls
  • Battery or DC powered
  • Rugged construction

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