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LaBella 2001 Hard Tension Classic Guitar Strings

Hard Tension Classic Guitar Strings

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Nylon 202 strings have a superior sensitivity to the touch. They are extruded as a monofilament that will not fray. Strings made with the multifilament properties of carbon fiber can unravel causing finger lacerations. Our new treble strings produce a greater aural transparency and are capable of extraordinary sound projection.

The new design for the bass strings equals the achievements of the high density Nylon 202 trebles. This construction improved the ratio of wire exterior wound wrapping to the nylon filament core. Different from the composition of other strings, these basses produce a clearer and more sustaining tone. The 2001 Series' unique string design surpasses all other classical guitar sets with their exceptional memory for pitch and consistent sound production.

The newest addition to this product line, the 2001 Hard Tension strings are designed to meet the needs of contemporary guitarists adn luthiers. These high tension strings provide a superior strenght and clarity of sound - a requirement for performing modern technique on today's concert guitars.

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  • Gauges - .030, .0335, .041, .029, .0365, .044

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