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Yamaha MOTIF XF6

61-key Music Production Synthesizer FSX Action w/Initial and Aftertouch

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Yamaha pulled out the stops with the MOTIF XF6, giving you an unbelievably feature-packed instrument for music performance and music production. This next-generation workstation features an extraordinary collection of voices for you to get creative with. In fact, the MOTIF XF6 features an enormous 741MB of waveforms - that's twice the size of the MOTIF XS and nine times the size of the original! The Yamaha MOTIF XF6 offers everything from acoustic sounds to vintage synths to modern tones for hip-hop production. And with the new OS, complete with tap tempo, automapping, and a customizable user interface, the MOTIF XF6 is more powerful yet easier to use than ever.

When it's time to come up with new song ideas, you can count on your MOTIF XF6 to be your personal hit-making assistant. Use the 16-track sequencer to lay everything out the way you hear it in your head. Then, record everything via USB to keep track of your tunes. In fact, you've got USB, Ethernet, or optional FireWire computer connectivity going for your Yamaha MOTIF XF6. And speaking of options, there are two flash board slots for adding up to 2GB of additional Yamaha content - that's huge.

What else can we tell you about the Yamaha MOTIF XF6? If you're serious about playing keys and producing music, you already know about it. It's a colossal music-making tool. There are loads of voices (1,664+), an awesome arpeggiator (7,000+ patterns!), a high-quality keybed (standard FSX action), scores of high-tech effects made to sound like vintage gear, and remote control DAW integration. It's the MOTIF you've heard about, on steroids - and only for the serious keyboardist, producer, and musician.

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UPC: 086792941806

  • 61-key workstation with with FSX keyboard (with aftertouch)
  • AWM2 Tone Generator with Expanded Articulation
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 741MB Wave ROM, 3,977 waveforms
  • 1,024 normal voices, 64 drum kits
  • 128 normal GM voices, one drum kit
  • 128 presets by four banks and 32 drum kit presets
  • 18 filter types
  • Scores of effects
  • Built-in sampling support and 128M SDRAM
  • 16-track, approximately 130,000-note sequencer
  • 5-scene memory per song
  • USB host and device connections
  • Ethernet computer connection
  • L/R output, L/R assignable output, digital output
  • Standard 1/4" headphones jack
  • MIDI I/O/T
  • Slot for optional FW16E card

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