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HQ Sound Off Hi-Hat Mute - 14 inch

Sound Off Hi-Hat Mute

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The SoundOff Hi-Hat mutes emulate true stick rebound and furnish a realistic sounding bell surface so that the drummer can practice intricate sticking patterns without sacrificing feel. The mutes are constructed from a material that closely approximates the feel and touch of a stick hitting a cymbal. Immediately, drummers will notice a vast improvement over existing mutes. The design incorporates an exposed bell that provides an optimal playing surface. Ordinarily loud and cutting, the bell is sufficiently muted so that neighbors will likely hear only a faint ticking. The HQ SoundOff Hi-hat Mutes simple to set up and install and remove in seconds without disturbing felt washers and wing nuts.

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MPN: so14hat
UPC: 019954950989

  • 95% volume reduction
  • Natural stick rebound
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Fits 14" – 15" cymbals
  • Allows side sticking

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