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Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit

Electronic Drum Controller Kit

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Here's a 5-piece kit that's perfect for your studio. The Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit is an electronic drum controller kit designed to give you realistic, hands-on control of your virtual instrument drums. It comes with a collection of five natural-feeling RealHead drum pads, a set of low noise DMPad cymbals, a versatile StealthRack (complete with mounting hardware), and a Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI USB interface that connects your kit to your software drums. The USB Studio Drum Kit gives lets you play naturally while triggering sounds from your favorite virtual instrument drums and recording with your DAW of choice.

The Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit gives you a set of four 8" RealHead pads for your toms and snare, each of which use triple-flanged counterhoops so that you can get the feel you need to play your best. Dual zones surfaces give you the ability to perform rim shots or add extra sounds to your kit, such as cowbells and chimes. The USB Studio Drum Kit's kick pad is large enough to handle any standard single or double pedal. And since the ergonomically curved StealthRack frame comes with all of the mounting hardware you need for every pad and cymbal, the entire kit takes up only a fraction of the space of a full acoustic kit.

The USB Studio Drum Kit's full battery of cymbals provides you with a DMPad hi-hat, two DMPad crash cymbals, and a triple-zone DMPad ride. Large choke triggers under the crash and ride cymbals give you the control you need for a natural sound and playing style. The dal-zone ride cymbal lets you trigger different sounds with the the bell and the surface, and the DMPad hi-hat's RealHat Pedal gives you continuously variable control, responding to pedal pressure just as an acoustic hi-hat would. All of the USB Studio Drum Kit's cymbals are fully rigid and rubberized, so you get the best-feeling response with the minimal noise you expect from an electronic kit.

To use the Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit with your Mac or Windows PC, just connect the kit's Trigger|iO interface via USB. Then, all you do is load up your DAW or virtual drums, and you'll be ready to play. Because the USB Studio Drum Kit uses MIDI, you can record your performance in your DAW's sequencer and go back later to fix your timing and tweak your sounds. The possibilities are endless!

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MPN: usbstudiokit
UPC: 694318013793

  • 5-piece electronic drum set with USB/MIDI computer interface
  • RealHead drum pads feature genuine 8" mylar drum heads for customizable feel
  • Low-noise DMPad Cymbals: Hi-Hat, Crash, dual-zone Ride; Crash and Ride with choke
  • Dual-zone snare and tom pads for a wide palette of sounds from a standard setup
  • Ultra-fast triggering with software sequencers, recording software, and MIDI hardware
  • 10 TRS inputs for kit expansion with additional pads, cymbals, and acoustic drum triggers

  • 4 RealHead 8" Dual-Zone Pads
  • 1 RealHead Kick Pad with stand, for use with single or double kick pedals, sold separately
  • 1 RealHat Pedal hi-hat continuous controller
  • 1 DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 1 DMPad Crash Cymbal
  • 1 DMPad Ride Cymbal
  • 1 StealthRack black drum rack, complete with all mounts and cables
  • 1 Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI USB interface
  • 1 Software CD
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • All necessary clamps, professional 1/4" cables, and mounting hardware included

  • This kit does not include a kick pedal

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