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Ddrums Acoustic Pro Triggers

Trigger Kit with 3 Tom 1 Snare and 1 Kick Trigger

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The ddrum Acoustic Triggers come in three different models that fit standard drum rim hoops: the Tom Tom Trigger, the Kick drum Trigger and a special Snare TRigger with a separate sensor for the rim. The Snar Trigger can also be used on Toms. The ddrum Acoustic Triggers feature a very sturdy mechanical housing and can be mounted anywhere around the hoop. The ddrum Acoustic Trigger feature an XLR jack for safe conection to the sound module.

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MPN: Tkit
UPC: 834035000328

  • 5 piece trigger set includes 1 bass, 1 snare and 3 tom triggers
  • Playing dynamics are recognized in a natural way
  • Realistic dynamic response across the entire drumhead (from the center to the rim)
  • Double triggering problem is reduced
  • The special design trigger reduces the crosstalk problem
  • Add a Ddrum sound module to eliminate crosstalk and double triggering without muffling
  • Shock-mounted construction
  • XLR-Output for professional connection
  • Fits most types of molded hoops
  • No adhesive is needed
  • Safely secured at the hoop with a standard tension rod
  • Sturdy construction
  • All parts interchangeable

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