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Keith McMillen Instruments Softstep

Multi-Touch USB Foot Controller

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Keith McMillen Instruments

The SoftStep is the worlds lightest, smallest, and most expressive foot controller. It's USB bus powered and has an expression port to plug in a expression pedal. There is also an Expansion port for the SoftStep MIDI Expander (sold separately) to enable use without a computer to control your MIDI synth and/or rack. Power can also be supplied through the expansion port. It has blue backlighting so you can see it well on stage. There is a 4 character alpha numeric display that is user programmable. There are also LEDs for each key that can be programmed to display your choice of data. The SoftStep is rubberized and has a carbon fiber back to give it maximum strength and stability.
Each key is responsive to 5 degrees of control: X and Y axis, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation, and pressure. These control sources are mappable to any MIDI or OSC destination.

SoftStep is an extremely flexible controller allowing you to use it in a variety of ways. You can use it with software on your computer to control effects, looping, sample triggering, etc.. Use it with DAWs to control punch-in, panning, levels, and transport functions. You can also use your SoftStep to control your MIDI synth and/or rack with the SoftStep MIDI Expander (sold separately). In addition to controlling sound, the SoftStep can be used with anything that will accept MIDI or OSC data: lighting effects, video, robotics, pyrotechnics, and more.

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MPN: k700

  • USB-Powered - connects to a computer or works standalone with MIDI Expander
  • Ten multi-touch keys control up to 6 unique notes, Continuous Controllers, Program Changes, or OSC
  • Each key picks up pressure, X and Y motion and rotation
  • Weighs in at just over a pound making it ultra portable and airline-friendly
  • Super rugged design made with elastomeric and graphite composite..."and it's beer proof!"
  • Four-character alphanumeric LED displays and 10 dual-color key LEDs

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