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Eden World Tour Preamp Pedal

Bass Preamp / Direct Box

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We've managed to distill the essence of Eden tone into this handy little direct box/preamp. Eden fans have been requesting this for quite a while and we've listened. Much more than a direct box, the WTDI is like bringing a little Eden preamp to every stage and studio gig. Always have one handy in your gigbag, case or pedal board. Use it to Edenize that junk box of an amp they gave you for backline at the gig by going direct into the power amp section. Use it to add a 2nd, 3rd or solo/boost channel to your current rig. Also works extremely well with acoustic guitars & basses.

This rugged little pedal features true bypass and both ¼" and XLR (with ground lift) outputs. Besides 3 bands of tone control with bass boost and mid shift switches, volume & gain, we've added variable compression and our legendary enhance control. All this comes in a box no more than 2" high x 4¾" wide and 3½" deep. Comes complete with universal power adapter and runs on most 12-18 volt capable pedal boards & power cubes.

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UPC: 801128806822

  • 1/4" instrument input - Plug your instrument into this.
  • Input Gain Level - Regulates the gain stage of the preamplifier and controls the amount of signal available to the unit.
  • Bass EQ level - 15dB of boost or cut at approximately 30Hz.
  • Bass Boost - Dynamic Bass boost along Fletcher-Munson Curve
  • Midrange EQ - Boost or cut middle frequency (as selected by mid-shift)
  • Mid Shift - flip between 550Hz and 2.2KHz as adjustable midrange frequency
  • Treble -15db of boost or cut at approximately 5KHz
  • Enhance - 'aka' the "Magic Knob" This complex control simultaneously boosts the
    very low bass, upper middle, and high frequencies.
  • Compressor - Smooths out peaks in signal while boosting low level information.
    Amount of compression controlled by knob and fed by input gain level.
  • Master Level Output - Adjusts overall output and loudness to (11) & (13)
  • XLR Direct output - Connect to Balanced PA or recording input.
  • Ground Lift for XLR output - lifts ground to match with other gear.
  • 1/4" Instrument level output - Connects to amplifier input, power amp input or
    unbalanced audio input of any device.
  • Power Supply connection - Plug in included 12-18Volt PSU - Center Pin Positive
  • Bypass footswitch - engages or disables WDTI signal function - (signal will pass un-affected in bypass mode.)

  • Distortion <.05%
  • Frequency Response 10Hz - 15KHz ±2dB
  • Dimensions: 4 3/4W x 2H x 3 1/2D inches
  • Weight: 1.25 LBS

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