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Ketron AUDYA 4

Advanced Music Station & Arranger

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The Ketron AUDYA 4 Advanced Music Station & Arranger is a virtual band with full accompaniment, rhythm and percussion backing to follow along with your playing. The AUDYA 4 connects to any MIDI keyboard and features 560 styles, 370 audio drum sequences and percussion tracks. Keyboardists can freely jam along to sequences and tracks contributed by renowned musicians. There are even 159 live guitar patterns and playback support for up to 6 audio tracks in WAV and MP3 formats. The Ketron AUDYA 4 is a professional solution to solo musicians who crave authentic, life-like backing tracks during performances.

Real Live Arranger
AUDYA 4 brings a unique and powerful Arranger Section with over 560 Styles and 370 Audio Drum sequences plus Percussions (Live Drums). Worldwide acclaimed Drummers and Percussionists get to contribute to this project to optimize the best Rhythmic and Arranger section out there today.

Professional Multiplayer
The Audya KETRON raised the performance of AUDYA 4's multi-track player to new levels. AUDYA 4 can play up to six tracks simultaneously; dual WAV, dual MP3 and dual MIDI files with DJ features such as PFL (Pre Fader Listen) - the possibility of listening to songs first within headphones before playing through the system, Playlists, Crossfades, Zoom, Song Medley and Txt synchronization to Audio and midi songs alike.

New Sound Generation
Following KETRON's tradition of the Best Natural Sounds, AUDYA 4 includes a new sound engine of very high quality. 430 new stereo Orchestral Presets with multilayer modes, 320 new Programs with one of KETRON'S latest features - "Voice Character Emulation (VCE)" VCE includes exciting special articulations plus sophisticated Performance controls such as Key Off, Morphing, Coupling, Rotor to Pedal, Aftertouch and Sustain Switch.

VOICETRON - KETRON's new Vocalizer
AUDYA 4 has a new Vocalizer which incorporates five voices that performs with the best standards on the market today. The Vocalizer is easy to use thanks to the extended preset library, but it can also be edited by the musician with controls over the harmonic content of the voice, equalization and effects.

User Interface / Audio Connections
The control panel is designed to help the musician, especially in live situations. Seventeen sliders, (one assignable), offer an efficient control of volumes and effects in real time. The instrument's current status is clearly shown by the various LEDs built into the keys and by the graphics that appear on the integrated color display (LCD TFT technology with a resolution of 320x240).

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MPN: audya 4

  • Keyboard: Professional Arranger and Midi Sound module. 8 dynamic curves, Aftertouch, Portamento, Operating system updatable via USB port, 17 Volume slider controls (1 assignable), 10 display User Tab.
  • Polyphony: 197 notes
  • Presets: 430 New Presets with Stereo and multi-layer Voices, 512 GM2 sounds, 32 parts Multitimbral, Voice Character Emulation (VCE), Left Voices, 2nd Voice.
  • Record and Playback: Professional Multiplayer:
    2 x Wav, 2 x MP3, 2 x Midi, Real time stretching and Audio transposition, DjLoop, Sfx, Demos, Play list, Autoplay, Key Tunes, HD Recording 2 tracks, Pfl, MP3 Encoder, Audio Ripper, Macro Recording.
  • User Memory: Bank Libraries: Drum, Groove, Bass, Piano, Guitar1/2 , Arp&Lick, Live Guitar.
  • Effects: 3 multi-effect DSPs, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser, Tremolo, Tap Delay 4/8, Wha-Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Slow/Fast Rotor, Parametric 4-band Equalizer.
  • Controllers Organ Drawbars: 9 Digital Drawbars, Rot
  • Inputs/Outputs: Outputs: Left/Mono, Right, 4 individual assignable outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono), Stereo headphone.
  • Inputs: 2 XLR microphone inputs, 2 line in inputs (stereo), Sustain and Pedal Volume, Footswitch (6 or 13 switches).
  • Storage: Mass Storage Devices: USB sticks, USB floppy disks, MP3 players, CD-ROM and DVD ROM, HD.
  • Display: 320 x 240 pixel TFT color graphic display
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 5" (52 x 32 x 11cm)
  • Weight: 15lbs (7kg)

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