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Roland TD-4KX2

V-Compact Series V-Drum Set

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Upgraded to mesh heads! The Roland TD-4KX2 compact electronic drum kit makes a great practice set, but its high-quality sounds and responsiveness make it a great addition to any project recording studio, school music program, or house of worship performance area or rehearsal room. Designed to give you maximum features and comfortable playability from a minimal footprint, the TD-4KX2 features a sturdy frame, with a center-mounted TD-4 sound module and mesh heads. Thanks to a built-in Coach Mode and recording capability, the TD-4KX2 is perfect for practice!

Here's the "nerve center" of the TD-4KX2 set! The compact and easy-to-operate TD-4 sound module is loaded with great drum and percussion instruments and kits. You can customize kits with virtual tuning and muffling for the kick, snare and toms. Natural ambience effects can be adjusted as well. This module includes 125 instruments and 25 kits, a Coach Mode (complete with warmup and Tempo Check exercises). A Quick Rec function lets you record performances with 1-button ease, while the TD-4 module's Mix In connector lets you plug in your favorite music player and jam along.

It doesn't matter whether you're playing an electronic kit onstage, in the studio, or in your home: you need a snare that feels right Roland knows this; that's why they outfit the TD-4KX2 kit with PDX-8 and PDX-6 mesh V-Pads. The PDX-8 offers an expanded 10" rim for more comfortable and quiet rim-shots, as well as separate head and rim triggering for authentic performance. Best of all, this pad's amazingly realistic feel lets you play expressively and naturally.

The CY-12C crash and CY-13R ride cymbal pads give you great response and natural swinging motion. The CY-12C crash features separate bow/edge triggering, and the CY-13R ride is capable of bow, edge, and bell trigger. Both of these amazing cymbal pads include full choke capability. The updated KD-9 kick trigger pad's vertical design and cloth striking surface not only gives you a better feel compared to reverse-type kick triggers, but it also reduces trembling so you get nothing but solid kick sounds. The KD-9 can even accommodate double kick pedals! The TD-4K2 kit also includes Roland's FD-8 hi-hat controller, which gives you realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed positions.

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  • Center-mounted TD-4 sound module with new sounds, Coach Mode, Mix In, and Quick Rec. functions
  • Mesh-head snare for great feel and response
  • Velocity-sensitive toms and cymbals
  • Ultra-compact, sturdy, and stable drum stand
  • Expandable with an optional pad or replace the ride cymbal to a CY-12R/C 3-way trigger V-Cymbal
  • Compatible with optional VH-11 V-Hi-Hat to mount on conventional hi-hat stands
  • Cable harness and DB25 connector for fast and clean cable connection
  • Percussion Sound Module TD-4 x 1
  • PDX-8 mesh head drum pad x 2
  • PDX-6 mesh head drum pad x 2
  • Dual-trigger CY-12C crash cymbal pad x 1
  • 3-trigger CY-13R ride cymbal pad x 1
  • Dual-trigger CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad x 1
  • Kick trigger Pad KD-9 x 1
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal FD-8 x 1

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