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Roland TD9K2-S

V-Tour Series V-Drums

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The Roland TD-9K2 V-Tour Series V-Drum Set is a cost-effective quality drum kit for working musicians, studio applications, rehearsals, etc. The kit is centered around the Roland TD-9 drum module with over 500 professional quality instruments, recording and playback capability, MP3 & WAV support, a USB port and more. The kit also features Roland's PDX series mesh pads and the MDS-9 hardware with cymbal stands, clamps, etc.

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  • Affordable V-Drums with the enhanced TD-9 sound module
  • Mesh heads for snare and toms (PDX-8, PDX-6)
  • Compact and expressive hi-hat combination with CY-5 and FD-8

  • 1x TD-9 Percussion Sound Module with multi-pin cable harness and module mount
  • 2x PDX-8 mesh pads for snare drum and 3rd/floor tom
  • 2x PDX-6 mesh pads for rack toms
  • 1x KD-9 kick drum trigger pad
  • 1x CY-12C crash V-Cymbal pad
  • 1x CY-13R ride V-Cymbal pad
  • 1x CY-5 hi-hat V-Cymbal pad
  • 1x FD-8 hi-hat control pedal

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