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Roland FR-18D Black

Diatonic V-Accordion

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Roland's FR-18D-BK is the world's first diatonic digital accordion. The FR-18D-BK offers the same level of sound quality and natural, dynamic response as its award-winning V-Accordion® predecessors. Features a sound set that lets you choose instantly from a lineup of 12 virtual diatonic accordions, as well as a variety of orchestral instruments, Virtual Tone Wheel organs, percussion, and more.

The FR-18D-BK allows you to switch instantly between different tonalities and configurations of the keyboard/bass buttons. Diatonic musicians won't have to carry multiple accordions onstage anymore. In addition to its collection of virtual accordions, the FR-18 diatonic has other instruments onboard - orchestral and brass instruments, exotic world instruments, percussion, organs, and more - all of which are instantly selectable. The User Sets let you load your custom layouts of sounds and settings for instant recall.

The FR-18 diatonic comes with a dozen instantly selectable tablatures, making it possible to cover numerous genres without having to change accordions. In addition, you can create your own tablatures with a PC/Mac software app (available via free download). With this software, the FR-18 diatonic is an open instrument with customizable layouts for the keyboard and bass buttons. The FR-18D-BK's USB compatibility makes it easy to transmit and receive custom tablature sets between computer and accordion.

The speaker-less, lightweight body makes the FR-18 diatonic comfortable to wear and play. The long-life battery compatibility lets you roam onstage cable-free. In addition, there are exchangeable inlay sheets that let you change the appearance of the instrument. You can also create your own custom-designed inlay sheets and install them easily.

High-quality Roland earphones are included with the FR-18 diatonic package. Practice at any hour without disturbing neighbors or surrounding environments.

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  • Right hand keyboard: 37 buttons, velocity sensitive, selectable tablature and key
  • Left hand keyboard: 18 bass buttons, velocity sensitive, selectable tablature and key (same as for right hand), selectable button chord behavior (full chord or omitted third)
  • Bellows: Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure (high resolution pressure sensor), bellows resistance regulator
  • Maximum polyphony: 128 voices
  • Wave ROM: 64 MB of waveforms (8+8 MB expansion sounds)
  • Tones: 12 accordion Sets, each including: 8 treble registers, 8 orchestral sounds, 4 organ sounds, 3 bass
  • Treble reed footages: 5
  • Bass reed footages: 3
  • Chord reed footages: 2
  • PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling):
  • Noises: stopping-reed growl, closing valve noise, left button noise
  • Individual reed: hysteresis threshold, expression curve, pressure-variant filter, pressure-variant pitch deviation
  • Reed sound wave switching: by bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed
  • Musette tuning:
  • Micro tuning presets: 15 (Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish)
  • Effects:
  • Reverb: 8 types
  • Chor: 8 types, rotary (Slow/Fast) for organ sounds
  • Panel controls:
  • Volume knob
  • Panel switches: 4 treble registers + ORCHESTRA/ORGAN button, SET/FUNCTION register, 3 bass registers, ORCH. BASS button, ORCH. CHORD button, LEFT REGISTER button, KEY/DEMO button, USER PROGRAMbutton, DRUMS button, TABLATURE button, POWER button
  • Operation modes:
  • ORCHESTRA/ORGAN modes: Solo, Dual
  • Key: 12 possible keys (C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B)
  • Tablatures: 12 types
  • Bass: On/Off
  • Octave: Down, 0, Up (for Treble and Orchestra/Organ), 4 User Program memories
  • Power supply: AC adaptor, Batteries (AA, HR6 Rechargeable Ni-MH x 8)
  • Current draw: 500 mA
  • Expected battery life under continuous use (using Ni-MH 2000 mAh batteries): ±5.5 hours
  • Actual battery life varies according to usage conditions, the quality of the batteries and the number of charging cycles. Be sure to use only rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.
  • Connectors:
  • OUTPUT jacks (L/Mono, R/Mono): 1/4" phone type
  • PHONES jack: stereo 1/4" phone type
  • USB MIDI connector (computer connection)
  • USB MEMORY connector (storage devices)
  • MIDI OUT/IN connector (function adjustable via parameter)
  • DC IN jack
  • Accessories: AC adaptor, Owner's Manual, Straps, 1/4"—1/4" phone (guitar) cable, Earphones (with 1/8"—1/4" adaptor plug), Strip for securing the adaptor, MIDI and/or audio cables, Hexagonal wrench, Replaceable "traforo" inlay sheets
  • Dimensions: 14-3/8" W x 7-11/16" D x 14-13/16" H (365 x 195 x 375 mm)
  • Weight: 11 lbs, 11 oz. (5.3 kg)

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