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Fender GT-1000

Chromatic Tuner with Hand-Crank Operation and Built-in Flashlight

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Simply give the crank a few turns and you're ready to tune. No more expensive and wasteful batteries. Includes built-in microphone for tuning acoustic instruments and 1/4" jack for tuning electric instruments. The built-in flashlight lets you tune on a dark stage.

Recommended instructions for usage: The first time you use the Chromatic Green Tuner it's a good idea to "prime" the power cells by turning the crank 20 times. Any time you use it after that, 5 to 10 turns will do the trick. No need to charge it unless the lights on the tuner are dim. To conserve cell power, turn the power off when not in use.

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MPN: 0239979001
UPC: 717669866846

  • No need for batteries - just crank up the power!
  • Built in microphone for tuning acoustic instruments
  • 1/4" jack for tuning electric instruments
  • Built-in flashlight

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