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Klark Teknik SQ1S

Square One Mic Preamp And Splitter

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Klark Teknik

The analogue audio splitter remains the most versatile and cost effective way of distributing audio signals to multiple locations, especially in a world where digital and analogue consoles are paired in Front of House and monitor configurations, and digital consoles employ different audio transport protocols.

The Square ONE Splitter provides a simple solution with a user-friendly, high-performance, Midas XL8 inspired pre-amp design, packaged in a 2U, eight channel format.

To increase versatility and provide additional value, a third set of transformer-isolated independent (fixed gain) outputs are provided plus the Square ONE Splitter's ability to function as a 1-16 media split.

Audio performance, as with all Klark Teknik's units, are of a superlative standard.

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  • Midas XL8-inspired mic preamps
  • 9-position rotary gain switch per input
  • 30Hz Hi-pass filter with switch and status LED per input
  • Inputs duplicated on front and rear panels
  • Transformer-isolated gain-independent outputs
  • Front-panel and remote 48V switching with status LED per input
  • Solo buss with integral headphone amp and level control
  • 1:16 media split function with front and rear panel status indication
  • Separate ground lift switch with LED status indicators for each set of rear panel outputs
  • Individual 4-Segment LED output metering for each input
  • Roadworthy (2U) all-steel chassis
  • Universal power supply

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