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Digitech HT-6

HardWire Polyphonic Tuner

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The HT-6 USB jack is used for firmware updating from a PC. It may also provide a way for users to create and download custom tunings in a future firmware update.

LED Display Matrix
This area features 90 LEDs in six rows that are used to display both multi note and single note tuning states of your instrument. When strumming all strings on your guitar or bass, the six rows will begin lighting and show the tuning state of each independent string (for bass, 4 – 6 rows will light depending on the type of bass). A single row will light when individual strings are being tuned.

Mode Button
The Mode button is used to select between the display modes, Normal and Strobe. See section 2.5.5 for more information.

Note Display
This series of LEDs is used to show the note played when tuning strings individually and to display the guitar Fret Offset feature when using a capo.

Tuning Button
The Tuning button is used to select between the different tuner display modes. Pressing and holding the Tuning button will access the tuning references.

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  • 9V Battery Operation
  • True Hardwire Bypass-Dead battery won't kill the show.
  • Sturdy, Durable Design, Performance Wider
  • Custom die cut mounting kit with hook-and-loop pedalboard pad
  • Patented Pedal Release Pins for fast access to battery compartment
  • Blank foot switch glow sticker
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 5" H x 2.75" W x 2.25" H
  • Unit/Shipping Weight: 0.94lbs (.43kg) / 1.18lbs (.54kg)
  • SNR: ≥ 100dB
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • I/O Impedance In-Use: 1 MOhm/100 Ohms
  • Estimated Battery Life: 5.5 hours usage time
  • Power: 9V battery or optional PS200R 9VDC power supply
  • Current Draw In-Use: 80mA @ 9VDC

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