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Roland GI-20 with GK-3 Pickup

GK-MIDI Conversion and USB with GK-3 Pickup

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Roland GI-20:
The GI-20 GK-MIDI Interface, a powerful Guitar/Bass-MIDI interface ideal for turning a synthesizer or MIDI module into a guitar synth. The GI-20 detects the signal from any electric guitar or bass equipped with a GK-2A,GK-2B, or GK-3 pickup, respectively, and lets players trigger synthesizers and samplers, or even record their performance as MIDI data. And with its built-in USB MIDI port, the GI-20 is perfect for computer-based recording setups.

Using a guitar or bass equipped with an optional GK-2A,GK-2B,or GK-3 Divided Pickup, the GI-20 can be used to trigger virtually any MIDI-compatible synthesizer or sampler, as well as outputting a player’s "natural" guitar sound for amplification. Easy, knob-based controls and dedicated buttons allow for fast, intuitive operation, while a built-in USB port lets users quickly connect a GK-equipped guitar or bass to a variety of computer-based recording systems.

Roland GK-3:
Digital pitch detection for lightning-fast tracking
GK-3 mounts easily on any steel-stringed electric without damage to guitar
GK-3 features an adjustable curve design and pickup cable length, plus an attachment plate for Les Paul-type guitars
Simply attach the included GK-3 Divided Pickup to your guitar and you can be playing high-quality Roland sounds in seconds.

The GK-3 is 30 percent thinner than its predecessor, and it now uses a 1/4-inch jack for normal guitar input. The pickup includes an adjustable curve design to keep an even distance between the strings for better response (the pickup cable length is also adjustable). Owners of Les Paul-type guitars can install the GK-3 safely without drilling using a special attachment plate included in the box.

The GK-3 is for sending individual signals from each guitar string to GK compatible devices. It is carefully designed for guitar performance by having a big and smooth GK knob, and a Select Switch to change from synth, to normal guitar tone, or both of them mixed.

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Roland GI-20:
The GI-20’s convenient Patch Memory lets users store settings including "Play Feel," plus Transpose/Mute settings for each string and Bank Select/Program Change messages for live performance. Flexible Transpose functions (+ 2 / - 3 octave) are also provided, along with optional footswitch control.

Connections to the GI-20 include a GK input, 1/4-inch Guitar output, Expression Pedal and Footswitch jacks, plus MIDI In/Out and USB.

Roland GK-3:
Various attachment accessories included; double-sided tapes, holder to secure the controller unit, and special attachment plate for installing the pickup unit to Les Paul-type guitars.
Adjustable pickup cable length.
1/4" phone jack for normal guitar input.
New Adjustable Curve Design. Adjust the curvature of the pickup unit to the curvature of the guitar strings.

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