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Tama Limited Birch/Basswood Snare Drum - Amber

5 x 14 Birch/Basswood Snare Drum

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Tama WS145W AM Snare Drum is a limited edition 5.5 x 14 inch snare drum. Made by Tama, so you know it has exceptional quality! Incorporate the sound tones from the birch and basswood shell into your music. Tama snare drum is available in the rich, beautiful amber color. This is a Limited Edition snare drum, so get yours before their gone!

Tama Snare Drums
It's hard to think of anything more important to your music than having the right snare sound. Quite a few drummers use more than one snare drum on stage as well as when recording. The tonal character of the snare drum is determined by many factors such as the shell material, shell size, shell thickness, snappy snare, and hoops.

Changing your kit like a guitarist changes guitars isn't a realistic option. But you can change your snare drum relatively easily. That's why Tama constantly expands its snare drum line to give drummers a wider range of sounds and textures.

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UPC: 606559715336

  • Model: Tama WS145W
  • Series: WS
  • Shell Type: 8-ply Birch/Basswood
  • Size: 14 inch
  • Other Features: Amber or Black Satin Finish

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