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EMG ST-12 SRO Black

Dual Humbucker Prewired Pickguard

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The ST-12 SRO Dual Humbucker Prewired Pickguard features SRO OC1 humbuckers loaded in black or white Strat style pickguards. With the pickups preloaded and wiring complete, the most time consuming part of the install is getting the stock pickups out of your guitar.

Traditional open coil design with the perfect balance between clarity and high gain, the SRO OC1 is perfect for rock, blues, metal, or country. Don't let the passive design fool you; there is plenty of power when you want it. With specific designs for neck and bridge, the Alnico V bar magnets provide the right amount of sustain and distortion.

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MPN: 3630.00
UPC: 654330302534

  • Dual humbucker open-coil design
  • Specific neck and bridge pickups
  • Excellent sustain and distortion
  • Easy installation
    OC-1 Neck
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • Magnet Type: A/S
  • Inductance (Henries): 3.80
  • DC Resistrance (kOhm): 7.35
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 1.96
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 3.18
  • Impedance at Resonance (kOhm): 46.70
    OC-1 Bridge
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • Magnet Type: A/S
  • Inductance (Henries): 8.15
  • DC Resistrance (kOhm): 16.90
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 1.35
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 1.95
  • Impedance at Resonance (kOhm): 69.00

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