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ZSystems z8.8 (4.2.2) digital detangler

z8.8 (4.2.2) digital detangler

z-8.8 (4.2.2) 4 AES/EBU on XLR, 2 S/PDIF on BNC and 2 S/PDIF optical on TOSLINK

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As the product name implies, the z-8.8 is a good way to "detangle" the rat’s nest of cables plaguing most digital audio facilities. The z-8.8 functions as a digital audio patchbay, a distribution amplifier, a router, a format converter, and a channel switcher, all in one box.

Product Description

If you have more than a couple of pieces of digital audio gear, you’ve probably found that getting them all hooked up and talking to each other is no simple task. Furthermore, you’ve probably found that re-configuring your set-up for different users or different modes of operation can be a real nightmare. The z-8.8 is designed to seamlessly integrate and re-configure your digital audio workplace.

For example, let’s say you have several A/D and D/A converters, a couple of DAT machines, a CD transport, a digital audio workstation, and a couple of outboard effects processors. There are conceivably many different ways you would want to hook these devices together, depending on which source might need to feed which DAT machine, workstation, or D/A converter. Furthermore, if a single source needs to feed multiple destinations at the same time (e.g., an A/D converter feeding several DAT machines, a workstation, and a D/A converter for monitoring), daisy-chaining these destination devices is an unsafe and unreliable way to go. Matters are only complicated further if some of the devices have AES/EBU inputs and outputs, other devices have S/PDIF inputs and outputs, and still others have optical inputs and outputs.

The z-8.8 offers a solution to all of these problems. We offer a number of standard configurations and can custom-build to meet your particular needs a unit with any number of AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and optical input and output ports (4 AES/EBU, 2 S/PDIF, and 2 optical tends to be quite popular). Once configured as you require, you would hook up all of your digital audio sources and destinations to the z-8.8’s rear panel. The connection pattern is then simply established by the touch of a few buttons on the unit’s front panel.

The z-8.8 can distribute single sources to multiple destinations simultaneously and it can channel-switch between multiple sources to a single destination. Or, it can distribute and channel-switch at the same time. If the unit is equipped with different formats, it will make the electrical format conversion as necessary between ports. Also, the unit is fully asynchronous which allows it to handle multiple sample rates at the same time.

Quotes From Satisfied Users

"The z-8.8 digital router is used everyday at Georgetown Masters. We could not get through each days’ work without it." Denny Purcell, Georgetown Masters

"I got the z-8.8, plugged it in, and became the happiest digital audio guy on my block." Roger Nichols, EQ Magazine

"The Z-Systems z-8.8 digital detangler serves its purpose flawlessly. With a digital console, 3 DAT machines, a 20-bit digital recorder, a workstation, Dolby AC-2 to ISDN lines, and a CD recorder, my setup could be a real mess. Z-SYS integrates all this gear perfectly and enables effortless digital transfers between all of the digital devices in my studio. Thank you for great products." Mick Guzauski

"In my studio the z-8.8 has created no problems, only solved them. In today’s technological climate this is no mean feat." Richard Beggs, Academy Award-winning Sound Designer

The z-8.8 eliminates the need for AES distribution amps -- it performs as both a patch bay and a buffer amp for less than the cost of either single-function unit. No more climbing behind racks of gear to repatch the digital paths." Glenn Meadows, Masterfonics

"We asked Z-Systems for an evaluation unit of the z-8.8. It took fifteen minutes to install and five minutes to determine that we were not sending it back!" Chris Muth, Masterdisk

"The z-8.8 saves us time and wear and tear, both on the equipment and on the editors! It helps us get digital audio signals around the editing room in the easiest and most direct way possible." Scott Burgess, Telarc Digital

"I would have never thought that I could fill up your z-8.8 digital audio router. But now, not only is it full, but I can’t imagine how I could live without it! What a GREAT piece of work. Well engineered, solidly built, priced right and easy to use." Bruce Leek, Independent Recording Engineer

"The z-8.8 combines the functions of a patch bay and a distribution amplifier and provides the ability to monitor eight digital sources through one reference D/A converter without interrupting the processing path. This is incredibly helpful for A/B comparisons and for listening to the signal at various points in the processing path." Tom Brick and Leon Zervos, Absolute Audio

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Product Specifications

Input and output connectors: as configured, RCA or BNC,XLR, and Optical (TOSLINK)
Input and output impedance: 75 ohms (coaxial) and 110 ohms (XLR)
Input and output resolution, SNR, THD+N: what comes in goes out!

z-8.8 (4.2.2) - 4 AES/EBU on XLR, 2 S/PDIF on BNC and 2 S/PDIF optical on TOSLINK

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