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Novation Twitch

Touchstrip Hardware Controller for the Digital DJ

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Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing. The worlds of digital DJ and Controllerist are colliding; performers are looking for new ways to manipulate music.

Instead of simply mixing tracks together with 'decks in a box', TWITCH re-focuses on cutting up beats, glitch-esque looping, firing off cue points and getting a totally different level of control over FX.

TWITCH has been co-developed with Serato and comes with ITCH DJ software, which is ultra-stable and has some powerful performance features, including the ability to beat-match your tracks so you can do some incredible remixing in real-time without falling out of sync.

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  • TWITCH can put your music in time, leaving you free to get creative
  • Serato ITCH software (included) can beat match tracks so you can focus on performing
  • TWITCH gives you hands-on control of some powerful performance tools
  • Touchstrips for navigating tracks
  • Swipe tracks backwards and forwards as if you were touching the screen
  • You can instantly 'Drop' into a tune at any point in the track 'Slicer' Performance Mode
  • Tough and compact with a 2 in 4 out high-quality audio interface
  • Designed for gigging: Compact casing, bus powered with LED buttons
  • Balanced outputs, ultra-reliable audio/MIDI drivers and microphone input Master FX and 'Fader FX Mode'
  • Add different effects to either or both channels with TWITCH's FX section
  • Use both channel faders for super-fast FX moves and tricks Trigger Hot Cue Points and 2 different Loop Modes
  • Slicer allows you to chop-up beats in time and re-arrange them on the fly
  • 2 x 8 large Triggerpads let you to play eight rolling beat slices in any order
  • 8 large Triggerpads can fire off 8 cue-points anywhere in your track
  • Trigger 8 different loop lengths and save them with your performance Includes Serato Itch Software

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