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American Audio DCD-Pro 310 MKII

Dual CD Player

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American Audio

The American Audio DCD-Pro 310 MKII Dual CD Player is a budget-friendly audio CD/CD-R compatible system for DJs who want fast-and-easy set up. The DCD-Pro player offers single and continuous playback, with a +10 track skipping button and 4 speed search for quicker access to songs on your MP3-loaded discs.

The 310 MKII'a bright LCD display has 3 time viewing modes and tells you what playback mode you're currently using. Other features include Auto Cue, Single Repeat mode, three pitch control options, pitch bend, and pitch/frame search jog modes.

The DCD-Pro 310 MKII CD player also has 60-second transport and mechanical anti-skip protection, as well as flip flop for relay playback.

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  • Audio CD & CD-R compatible
  • Single/Continuous playback
  • +10 track advance button
  • Single Repeat mode
  • Mechanical Anti-Skip Protection
  • Auto Cue
  • Flip Flop (Relay Playback)
  • 8 times over sampling 1-bit D/A converter
  • 60-second transport protection
  • 10+ track skipping
  • Pitch display
  • Pitch / Frame search jog modes
  • Pitch Control (+/-4%, +/-8% or +/-16%)
  • Pitch Bend
  • Bright LCD display: Single/Continue and (3) Time viewing modes
  • 4-speed search

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