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Pioneer DJM-700 Black

4-Channel Digital DJ mixer with Effects

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The DJM-700 4-channel digital mixer from Pioneer will reignite jaded turntablists' enthusiasm and make it easier to entertain the crowd while producing the purest sounding mixes. The solid construction chassis and dual shield structure of the DJM-700 helps eliminate worry over vibration and digital noise creeping in. Output-wise, it has a 96khz/24-bit digital sampling system with a 32-bit/96kHz DSP with ideal filtering that doesn't deteriorate any of the sound quality. Speaking of filters, the DJM-700 DJ mixer has a unique effect frequency filter that limits the frequency bands subjected to effects to help showcase your particular mixing style.

As far as effects, some of the more notable additions to this Pioneer mixer include Beat Effect, which automatically detects the BPM of the tune to perfectly align any of the various effects such as flanger, phaser, or crush, with the beat; Roll Sampler, which provides 4 realtime sampling patterns—roll, reverse roll, pitch up roll, and pitch down roll; and Beat Select Buttons—2 buttons that help maintain synchronization between beat effects and audio by letting the user quickly select the effect timing.

The Pioneer DJM-700 has fully assignable MIDI functions for those who like to add DJ effectors and MIDI software applications to their nightly routine, with up to 49 assignable keys. Adding to the variety of performance options, the I/O terminals allow for traditional or digital turntables or both.

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  • 4-channel
  • 10 input/12 output
  • High rigidity chassis minimizes noise from vibration
  • Dual shield structure eliminates digital noise entry
  • World's first frequency effects filter
  • Manual filter
  • Sound Link/EFX Link function controls other Pioneer equipment via a link cable
  • BPM synchronize function, to synchronize the BPMs of all attached equipment
  • Fully assignable MIDI functions
  • 96kHz/24-bit sampling rate
  • 32-bit/96kHz digital sound processor
  • MIDI effects like Beat Effect, Roll Sampler, and Beat Select Buttons can be synced with tempo
  • Each channel of the mixer can be assigned to the crossfader
  • Built-in 3-band EQ on each channel enables level control within a —26dB to +6dB range for high, mid, and low bands, respectively.
  • Users can change the crossfader/channel fader curve
  • Mixer automatically lowers track volume when it senses a vocal input on the microphone
  • Peak level meter located on the top right of the mixer shows input levels from each channel
  • By simply sliding the crossfader or channel fader, player is automatically started

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