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Sound Professionals MINI MONO

Omnidirectional High Sensitivity Micro Microphone

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Sound Professionals

Master Series by Sound Professionals Special! Super high gain, high sensitivity Steno machine and laptop mini omnidirectional microphone for court reporters - Made in USA Upgrade to ultra high sensitivity element for recording soft spoken people and/or large rooms (recommended for Court Reporters); No computer adapter; No extension cable; No mic stand mount; No lapel clip

This microphone, connected in this manner, is perfect for recording lectures, business meetings, interviews, etc. A high quality, removable windscreen is included with the microphone. The microphone is mono, but when plugged into a stereo recorder, it will produce audio on both channels.

Sound Quality: The SP-MMM-1 microphone has an extended frequency response and a very natural and accurate sound, providing deep, solid bass, smooth midrange and clean highs. It has a very wide dynamic range, and will handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion or clipping when combined with one of our battery modules.

Note: For recording devices that are mechanically noisy (Steno machines, laptops with noisy fans or keyboards, etc) contact us for the removable extension cable SP-SPSC-8 to add to your order.

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UPC: 823951036962

  • Flat frequency response
  • Can be used directly with recorder that has 'plug-in-power', Griffin iMic or with one of our batter
  • Premium windscreen included
  • 1 Year Warranty

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