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Accetera LUMIN-EZE - Mini


ac compact attachable lamp

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LUMIN-EZEā„¢ product line satisfies a need by directing light to hard to see places such as reading CD titles in DJ work places, or seeing equipment controls in dimly lit rooms. Many other non-music applications are easily handled by this product when direct light is needed. It attaches to the shelf of a music stand for direct lighting up to the music. Direction of the light is changed by the trapeze style section and rotating lamp shade.

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UPC: 652277000254

Weight 2.2 oz.

Clamp opens to 2 inches.

Material is nylon with glass,

Lockable clamp design,

Compact size fits in palm of hand,

Telescopic arm extends 1/4 inch.

Arm swings toward clamp 180 degree.

Clamp mounts perpendicular to light.

Includes 110 Volt AC power supply

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