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Community PMB-2RR

Pole Mount Bracket, Single or Dual Loudspeakers, Vertical Downtilt and Left-To-Right Panning

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Community offers the PMB Series Pole Mount Bracket Kits for mounting small R-Series and small WET Series loudspeakers to poles and columns. These brackets were designed for use with R.25 and R.5 loudspeakers, but can also be used with Community's RMG-200A, W2-218, W2-228, W2-2V8* and W2-2W8 loudspeaker models. The PMB-1RR bracket is intended for use with a single loudspeaker with vertical downtilt capability, while the PMB-2RR bracket can be used to mount up to two loudspeakers in a "top-bottom" configuration with left-to-right panning and vertical downtilt.
The bolt-together mounting kit assembly attaches to a pole or column 6 inches (152 mm) or greater in diameter by using clamps and 3⁄4-inch stainless steel banding. Clamps and assembly hardware are included in the mounting kits, with banding sold separately. A U-shaped mounting yoke is already included with the small R-Series and WET Series loudspeakers.
For each PMB-1RR and PMB-2RR Pole Mount Bracket attached to a pole or column, two stainless steel bands must be used. Community offers part number PMB-BAND for use with the PMB Series mounting kits, which includes 92 inches (2337 mm) of banding, or enough to provide two bands for a 10.75-inch or smaller diameter pole. Therefore, for poles between 6 inches and 10.75 inches in diameter, use one PMB-BAND per bracket. For poles between 10.75 inches (273 mm) and 25.25 inches (641 mm) in diameter, use two PMB-BAND per bracket**. For installations with multiple pole mount requirements or with poles greater than 25.25 inches (641 mm) in diameter, Community also offers part number BAND100FT which includes 100 feet (30.5 m) of stainless steel banding.
In pole mount installations, mounted objects should be secured to the mounting structure with safety cables. When using either the PMB-1RR or PMB-2RR bracket, an additional PMB-1RR bracket can also be mounted above the loudspeaker and bracket assembly, to be utilized as a safety cable attachment point. The PMB-1RR and PMB-2RR brackets include safety cable clips for R.25 and R.5 loudspeakers when used for this purpose. Cable clips for RMG-200A and small WET loudspeakers must be devised by the installer. Safety hardware, cabling, shackles and fittings must also be supplied by the installer to meet the needs of the installation.
All parts in the PMB mounting kits are constructed of weather-resistant stainless steel, aluminum or steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The PMB-1RR and PMB-2RR Pole Mount Bracket Kits are suitable for outdoor use.

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  • Material (Pole Bracket and Clamp Bolt): Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Material (Fasteners): Stainless steel
  • Material (Clamp): Aluminum
  • PMB-1RR Working Load: Aluminum 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
  • PMB-2RR Working Load: 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
  • Design Factor: 10:1 ratio (static vertical load)

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