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Digitech GNX3 GeNetX Refurbished

8-track digital recorder in a modeling floor unit with unlimited effects

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Why someone hasn't done this before is anybody's guess,but the DigiTech team has jumped way ahead of the pack with their GNX3 Guitar Workstation.Guitarists now have a complete, full-featured floor processor, plus an 8-track recorder combined into one unit, giving them a whole new level in creative power at a very affordable price.
Now, when a guitarist is practicing at home or is at a band rehearsal or jam session, those inspired solo moments won't be lost forever. And those magic riffs that come out of nowhere or are carefully worked out can be captured so you can get them down later. Just start the built-in 8-track recorder and all those "Wow, that was cool!" licks will be instantly recorded. And you can operate the recorder hands free.

But, the GNX3's power to unleash a guitarist's creative potential is fully realized in song writing. By utilizing the built-in drum machine and bass amp modeler, a guitarist can first lay down rhythm tracks on the built-in 8-track recorder. Then selecting from the GNX3's unlimited library of amp models, DigiTech's exclusive and powerful CIT™ (Cabinet Imaging Technology) feature, and a complete set of on-board effects, the guitarist can then lay down the guitar tracks. When that's finished, vocals can then be recorded on the remaining tracks using the balanced XLR mic input on the rear of the GNX3. Even keyboards and DJ scratching can be added through the rear-panel instrument input. There's no limit! Plus, recording time can be greatly increased utilizing the SmartMedia™ card slot on the rear panel.

Includes AC power supply.

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8-track digital recorder
2-track simultaneous recording
Footswitches mappable to recorder shuttle controls
JamMan2 full-featured loop recorder
Drum machine
GeNetX amp and cab modeling with 'Warp" function
Stompbox modeling with expression pedal
Guitar and mic ins
1/4" stereo and S/PDIF outs


*A factory repack with a full warranty. Product may have minor flaws or cosmetic imperfections.

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