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Motion Sound PRO-145


Dual Rotor Organ Amp w/ 3 built in mics

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Motion Sound

The PRO-145 provides real dual rotor “professional level” sound quality and features in a very portable and rugged single cabinet amplifier.

Virtually all parameters are easily adjustable allowing tuning of the PRO-145 to your unique sound. The PRO-145 provides the lush “360” degree sound experience unique to dual rotor speakers and amplifiers. When combined with a classic “tone wheel” Organ or new digital “tone wheel” Organ the total incredible classic sound is re-created with modern technology.

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· 12AX7 pre amp with 20% auto bias
· Two ¼” inputs, Pre and Post 12AX7 gain controls.
· Contour allows bass or treble cut before 12AX7
· Auto tube bias adjustable trim varies tube overdrive harmonics.
· Bass, mid, treble, variable point high freq. Cut, and horn volume controls.
· Subwoofer ¼” line output <100 Hz, volume
· Bi-amped 200 watts RMS @ 800 Hz, 70 watts horn, 130 watts low rotor.
· 12” 200 watt Eminence low rotor speaker, 80 watt horn driver with proprietary MS 1.2 diaphragm.
· Three built -in microphones, two on horn one on low rotor.
· Three XLR microphone outputs on rear.
· Fast/Slow/Stop LED footswitch.
· Front panel trim adjustment of acceleration, deceleration, fast and slow speeds of horn and low rotor.
· Caster sockets and caster set.
· Quiet no-maintenance DC motors and ball bearing horn and low rotor supports.
· Rugged Polymaric finish.
· Designed and built in the USA.
H 24.5” W 20” D 17” 65 Lbs

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