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Motion Sound KP-100S


100 Watt Stereo Keyboard Amp

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Motion Sound

The KP-100S provides true stereo amplification for Keyboards, sound modules, and all quality sound sources in a modern rugged single cabinet design.

Modern keyboards, samplers and synthesizers are carefully designed to produce stereo sound. When mixed to mono, these sounds are often compromised and muted. The KP-100S unique angled cabinet front in conjunction with our proprietary 3D-expander circuitry provides a wide stereo field that retains location cues from the sound source. The adjustable expanders spread the stereo sound field beyond the confines of the cabinet reproducing the full sonic capability of your Keyboard(s) and sound sources in true STEREO.

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MPN: kp100

100 Watts RMS, 50 Watts per channel
2x8" 100 watt eminence speakers
2x3.5" Ferrro-Cooled dynamic horns

Spatial Expander
One Channel with 2 pairs of 1/4" inputs
XLR & 1/4" mic input with volume control
Subwoofer line output
XLR left and right outputs


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