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Line 6 StageScape M20d

20 Channel Digital Mixer w/ Touchscreen Interface

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Line 6

The Line 6 StageScape M20d digital mixing system gives you a powerful and intuitive new way to mix and record your live shows. StageScape M20d was built from the ground up to take the guesswork out of live mixing, letting you focus on the performance and not on your gear. Imagine plugging in all of your sound sources, while the StageScape M20d automatically recognizes which are microphones and which are instruments and optimizes your channel strip and effects settings for them. Then picture managing your signals from an intuitive touchscreen interface, using visual cues to route signals and set up monitor mixes. The StageScape M20d puts world-class live sound within your reach, and even makes recording your performance easier than ever. And with a total of 20 inputs (16 auto-sensing) and six auto-sensing outputs, built-in multi-band feedback suppression, remote mixing via iPad, and sound check capability, you'll be able to set up faster - and sound better - than ever before.

Wouldn't you like to mix with a smarter system, one that knows what you're connecting to it and optimizes itself accordingly? And the ability to record 16 channels plus your main mix in high-resolution audio, with or without a computer? Want extensive DSP processing that's easy to use, with intuitive hands-on control? You get all this and more with a groundbreaking design that's intuitive for beginners and pros alike, with the Line 6 StageScape M20d digital mixing system.

Touchscreen control over your mix and sound system
The Line 6 StageScape M20d's large, touchscreen display gives you instant access to an array of mixing functions that are usually spread all over a typical mixing board. Need to get a great vocal sound fast? Plug in your vocal microphone, select a vocal effects preset, and the StageScape M20d will configure a custom chain of processors specifically for vocals, ready to tweak to perfection. Setting up a stage mix is easy too - just plug in all your sound sources and speakers, and the StageScape M20d automatically recognizes what's plugged into it. Routing signals, adding effects, and even setting up monitor mixes is as effortless as playing connect the dots.

An entire rack's worth of sound processors, built right in
The incredibly powerful DSP built into the StageScape M20d replaces multiple racks of gear that you would need to get the best live sound. You get multi-band feedback suppression on every microphone input for squeal-free performance, even with the most difficult stage setups. And in addition to a host of EQ, dynamics, and effects processors available for every channel, you get four stereo master effects available for adding a final polish to your entire mix. Best of all, the StageScape M20d's intuitive touchscreen interface makes setting everything up so easy, that pro-sounding live mixes are within your reach even if you've never used a mixing board before!

Sets Up Faster Than Ever
Thanks to the StageScape M20's Quick Capture sound check features, you can record up to 20 seconds of audio to the internal memory from any of the inputs. The recording plays in a loop so you can optimize each sound while the band continues setting up. And best of all, you can set up and adjust the StageScape M20d from anywhere in the room with your iPad! It's the perfect way to make mix adjustments from different parts of the room, and a great way tweak monitor mixes from the stage.

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MPN: 99-090-0105

  • Touchscreen control over your mix and sound system
  • An entire rack's worth of sound processors, built right in
  • Sets up incredibly fast
  • Unique digital mixing system with intuitive touchscreen interface and intelligent setup features
  • Auto-sensing inputs recognize what you're plugging in, and optimizes your channel strip and FX settings
  • Mix from anywhere in the room with your Apple iPad, connected via Wi-Fi
  • Multi-band feedback suppression on every output for worry-free performance
  • Built-in processing eliminates the need for a separate rack full of equipment
  • Connects to Line 6 StageSource-series speakers via Line 6 Link for convenience and superior sound
  • Record up to 16 channels plus your main mix, with or without a computer (SD card or USB drive)
  • Scene Recall lets you access previous setups quickly
  • Quick Capture sound check records up to 20 seconds from all inputs, then loops playback for you to mix

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